A New Era of Digital Grievance Redressal: India’s Social Media Committees


In a significant move to address social media grievances, India is set to establish three grievance appeal committees. This initiative aims to provide users with a platform to contest the decisions made by social media companies regarding their complaints.

The Formation of Grievance Committees

The Indian government has decided to form three grievance appellate panels (GACs) to handle complaints by users against the decisions of social media platforms.

Understanding the Committees’ Role

These panels will review content moderation decisions by companies like Meta and Twitter and have the authority to overrule the big tech firms on takedown or blocking requests.

Categories of Harmful Content

The GACs will be assigned different types of appeals based on categories of harmful content mentioned in the recently amended IT rules, such as sexually explicit content, misinformation, or religious incitement.

Strengthening IT Rules

The IT rules were strengthened in October to pave the way for the formation of these panels, aiming to settle often-ignored user grievances.

The Need for Such Committees

The government’s move comes in response to what it perceives as a “casual” and “tokenism” approach of digital platforms towards user complaints.

The Consultation Process

Consultations on the various modalities of the panels will start soon, involving stakeholders to refine the structure, design, and functions of the GACs.

Redirecting Appeals

Appeals not covered by the amended IT rules will be directed to the relevant authority or tribunal, with the GACs acting as a signpost.


rajkotupdates The establishment of grievance appellate committees is a landmark step towards empowering social media users in India. It reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring that user complaints are taken seriously and addressed effectively. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, such measures are crucial to maintaining a fair and just online environment.

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